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2018 notes for registered players Updated 1/12/2018
Hello Parents and players,

For those who have registered here are some important dates & details.

April 7th - Ratings day, 9am - 10:30am community center gym, 250 Wood St.  All players must attend.  Wear comfortable clothing, bring gym shoes and softball glove.  Coaches will draft teams immediately following this.

Practices start week of April 9th.  Your coach will advise you of team info and schedule.

Games start approx April 28th.  All star game early June.  Season wraps up by July 4th, this includes playoffs and championship.

Reminder #1 - Parent's we need volunteer managers and coaches.  Please indicate interest on registeration or email Eric Langer at langer738@live.com.

Rermind #2 - The winter clinic is available for all registered players.  See winter clinic for details

2018 Winter hitting clinic & Registration Updated 1/1/2018
Hello everyone!
The Jr high winter clinic will be returning again this year.  Please see the winter clinic tab for full details.

Congratulations Sun Devils! Updated 6/28/2017
The Sun Devils are your 2017 league champions!

The game was played on a perfect evening, with temps around 70°.  The Sun Devils fell behind early.  Trailing 4-2 after the first.  Michigan further increased the lead as the game went on before the Sun Devils rallied late.  With the tables turned on them, Michigan began the 7th inning down 2 runs.  It looked like Michigan was going to come back, staging a 2 out rally that scored one and had a runner in scoring position.   Then the Sun Devils were able to secure the games final out, end score 12-11.

The game ran approximately 2 hours and was an edge of your seat thriller.  Featuring big plays, big hits, and a plot twist at the end !  Both teams played a great game, putting in a great performance to wrap up the season !

Congrats Michigan for a game well played!

Best of luck to all the 8th graders, you will be missed!  For those 8th graders who plan to continue playing softball in our young women's league I look forward to seeing you on the field next year!

To our 7th graders, and incoming 6th graders.  I'll see you next year !!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this season a success.

Eric Langer
PBA Jr High girl's softball coordinator

Championship game set for Tuesday 6/27 Updated 6/26/2017
Hello everyone,
The playoffs are over.  The Arizona Sun Devils and Michigan's Wolverines, two Palatine teams will be matched up for the championship.  It's almost an exact rematch with the two coaching and player cores from 2016 teams back for a rematch.

The game is 7:30pm at community #1 field.  250 E Wood St.  Please stop by to cheer on the teams.

Best of luck !

Eric Langer
PBA Jr High Softball

Playoffs now scheduled Updated 6/24/2017
A bit over 2 months ago, we had our ratings day and draft.  2 months ago each team had their first practices.  Throw in a little bit of cold, a fair amount of heat, a lot of rain and here we are 12 games later with the playoff picture.  Final regular season standings can be found here:
Teams now get broken down into 4 pods of 3 teams each for a round robin.  Each team plays the others in their pod.  Win 2 and you automatically advance.  Win 1 and you might advance depending on results of the other teams.  With 11 teams, there will be one team selected with the best results to get a second chance and play in the 4th pod.
Next we go to a single elimination.
Winner from pod A (AZ State) will play winner from pod D (Wildcats).
Winner from pod B (Huskies) will play winner from pod C (Michigan).
Winner from these games will play in the championship, championship game is currently scheduled for Tuesday June 27, but could change based on weather between now and this date.

Good luck everyone !
Eric Langer,
Jr high league coordinator.

All star week Updated 6/14/2017
Congrats to all players who made our all star team.  Palatine will be sending two teams of all stars up against Arlington Heights and Prospect Heights.  Both all star games will be played on Thursday 6/15, see schedule for location details.
Palatine Home teamPalatine Away team
Grace Brockman - ILKayli Roe - IL
Grace Gentleman - IL Grace Bucholtz - IL
Rebecca Padilla - FLMaddie Cunningham - FL
Francesca Lemke - FLCaitlin Williams - FL
Emma Langer - MIKatherine Knuth - MI
Leah Dernis - MILaura Seeberger - MI
Delaney Morse - AZKayla Toriani - AZ
Jordyn Bolber - AZMegan Keith - AZ
Olivia Riley - GAErin Kirsten - GA
Andrea Kulpins - GAAmelia Donlin - GA
Mia Joyner - AHSarah Schultz - AH
Additional congrats to Ruthie Montella - IL, Aubrey Horbach - IL, Jessica Squillacioti - AZ, and Rachel Nelson - GA for being chosen all-stars.  They are not able to make Thursdays all-star game.

League updates - All-stars and Playoffs Updated 5/22/2017
Hello Parents,
The weather continues to be a factor.  We've had more rain outs this season then we've probably had the previous 2 seasons, and most teams are just approaching the half way point for games played !

We will be having an all-star game with our league partners this year.  We have 11 teams this season.  Each team will send 4 players to the all star games.  There will be two games.  One hosted here in Palatine and the other in Arlington Heights.  The 4 players each Palatine team sends will be split up into 2 groups of 2.  Two will play on a team at the Palatine all-star game match up, and 2 at the Arlington Heights game.  Teams will be picking their all-stars between now and Sunday June 4th.  The all-star games will be Thursday June 15th, with the rain date of 6/16.
I've had a few questions regarding playoffs.  All regular season games MUST be played before the end of day Wednesday 6/14.  Any games not made up by this point will be lost and left unplayed.
Playoffs begin Saturday June 17, and will consist of a 2 game round robin between your team and the other 2 teams ranked in your bucket.  From there the winning teams from the 4 buckets will move to a single elimination semi-final game into the championship game.  We anticipate having the championship game wrapped up on or before Wednesday 6/28.  Players will need to be flexiable during this 11 day period.  Subs from within the league will not be permitted, although call ups from PYB Div1 will be.

Pictures...these should be in this week.  I know most teams are active this weekend.  I will likely be passing them out to coaches Saturday 5/27. 
Looking forward to some warmer weather !  
Eric Langer
PBA Jr High Softball

Master league stats Updated 5/5/2017
Hello parents and coaches,
The standings page on our pba web site will keep track of Palatine games.  It is NOT the master standings with all game results for the league.  It will not show results for any games where a Palatine team does not play.  We use our page so we can assign times to our fields for both practices and games.  Parents, please reference our pba page for the most accurate information about your team's practices and games.

The master league standings are kept by AHYAA.org.  All game results are tracked there.  To check how your team is doing (wins/losses) verse the rest of the league, please click the below link:

Post season tryouts 5/7 Updated 4/15/2017
Palatine offers post park district season softball options for those wishing to get a few more games in during July and potientially early Aug.
This is tryout based, and at an additional costs.  Please see https://www.palatinestingrays.com/postseason for more information.
You must RSVP.  For the jr high league level, depending on year born you would be either 12U or 14U.  For additional questions, please see frequently asked questions under above link or contact palatinestingrays@gmail.com.

PBA Picture day info Updated 4/21/2017
Picture day information for junior high girls.
Community center gym - 250 E Wood St, Palatine IL 60067
Saturday April 29th
Arizona State - Coach Bryon Morse - 9:20AM
Georgia State - Coach Leo Donlin - 9:40AM
University of Illinois - Coach Troy Horbach - 11:20AM
Michigan State - Coach George Dilles - 11:40AM
Sunday May 7th
University of Florida - Coach Jacqui Mak - 9AM

4/8/17 Ratings Day 2017 Updated 4/3/2017
The 2017 ratings day will be conducted at Community Center gym!  
Wear gym shoes, cleats will not be allowed on the gym floor.
250 Wood St, Palatine, IL
4/8/17 , check in starts 9:00am
Ratings process starts promptly at 9:15am
Ratings day should be complete by 10:30am.
All players need to attend.  Please contact Eric Langer, langer738@live.com if your daughter cannot be present.  All players need to bring their softball glove and should wear comfortable attire (no jeans).  We will supply all additional equipment necessary during the ratings process.
Teams will be picked the same day.  All players should hear from their coaches by Monday 4/10 evening.  If you do not hear from your coach, please contact Eric Langer using the email address listed above.  Practices begin 4/10.
Thank you !
Eric Langer
PBA Jr High Girls coordinator

Registration closed April 1, 2017.
Register Online Here (Select Type: Affiliates; Subtype: PBA)
The free winter clinic has concluded!

2017 Winter Softball Clinic info Updated 11/15/2016
Winter clinic dates for 2017 are now posted.  See Winter softball clinic section.
Eric Langer
VP Jr High girls softball

Palatine All-stars game 2 results Updated 7/12/2016
All-star game 2 was another exciting game.  Both teams scored in the first inning.  Palatine went into the 2nd inning with a one run lead.  Palatine lost the lead in the third, but then finished the 4th inning at a 4-4 tie.  The 5th and 6th inning would see Palatine add runs.

The score was Palatine 7, Bartlett 4 at the start of the 7th.  Bartlett loaded up the bases, and then blasted a double into center-right.  Resulting in 3 runs scoring.  Making it 7-7 with only one out.  Bartlet went on to score 3 more runs and hold Palatine.  The game finished with the score 7-10 Bartlett.  Thank you Bartlett for two great games.

Congrats to your Palatine All-stars (home game).

Palatine All-stars take game 1 Updated 7/12/2016
The Palatine all-star team took game 1 from Bartlett in an extra inning nail biter!
Palatine took a 2 run lead in the first inning of a great defensive game.  Both teams were very well matched.  By the end of the 6th inning the score was Palatine 4, Bartlett 3.  Bartlett scored the tieing run in 7th and had 2 runners in scoring position with 1 out before Palatine's Ruthie retired two batters straight to end regulation in a tie.

At the start of OT, Palatine loaded up the bases and was able to drive in two runs on seperate hits before Bartlett retired the side.  Palatine then managed to hold off Bartlett in the bottom of the 8th to cap the victory and finish the game in about 1hr 50 minutes.

Congrats ladies on a game well played !

All-Star game info - Jr High Updated 7/6/2016
Hello everyone,
The All-Star player practice is Wednesday July 6th, 6:30pm at Lincoln field. 

The away game for Palatine All-Stars will be Thursday July 7th, 7PM at Apple Orchard 7 field (AO7).  AO7 is located at 700 S Bartlett Rd, Bartlett IL 60103.  It is a larger facility, when you arrive head towards the main building. Then go right past it to park in the northern most parking lot.  AO7 is their only ball field with lights, so when you see light poles around the field you're in the right spot !
*Note, street address updated above from original post!
The home game for Palatine All-Stars will be Tuesday July 12th, 7PM at Community 1.  Both games are added to the online schedule. 

Thank you,
Eric Langer
Jr High league coordinator

Wolverines win the championship ! Updated 6/25/2016
2016 was the first year for the 3 town joint league play between Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, and Palatine. After 12 regular season games, and 3 playoff games, the championship game was held the evening of June 25.  The game was between the Palatine Badgers and Wolverines.  The Wolverines were victorious over the top seeded Badgers.  Congrats to both teams for their excellent season.  We hope everyone had a great year and will join us again in 2017.  Thank you to all players, parents, and coaches!

The Wolverines !

The Badgers !

2016 PBA Softball appreciation event ! Updated 6/25/2016
Everyone participating in the Jr High league is invited to come out on July 8th to watch the Chicago Bandits play.  Cost is FREE !  Please see the "Bandits game day" menu on the left for additional details.

Yes we have All-star games for 2016 ! Updated 6/15/2016
Hello everyone,
I'm excited to announce that we have setup 2 all-star games (home/away) with Bartlett Park district softball.  The game dates are tbd at this point, but will happen sometime between July 5th and July 14th.
Your coaches will go over the all-star selection process with your teams. There is no additional cost for these post season games. 

Also good luck to all Palatine teams in the upcoming playoffs.  Parents and palyers, don't stress, be the one with positive encouragement, even in the face of a mistake or failure.  Remember to cheer positivily and set a good example for our town, league, team, and of course your kids !

Jr High league coordinator.

Playoff week, June 18th - June 25th Updated 6/5/2016
Hello everyone,
Our league playoffs will start Saturday June 18th, and hopefully with weather permitting be wrapped up with a championship game on Saturday June 25th.  Please try to keep your schedules open and flexiable during this week as games will be announced at short notice.  Plus rain outs may force us to modify schedules.
Thank you,
Eric Langer
PBA Jr High VP

Half way to playoffs Updated 5/21/2016
Wow, hard to believe we are half way through season already.

The weather looks to be making a turn for the better.  The girls are all excited for the end of school.  I've seen some great games thus far.  Big hits into the outfield, and some great softball plays.  Most important, everyone appears to be having fun, we've got some great teams this year.  Everyone's cheering and supportive.

I want to also mention that right now is a great time to watch softball, the NCAA is in their semi-finals, working towards their end of season.  ESPN and ESPN 2 had games playing back to back all day today (5/21), and will continue to have games between their stations for the next two weeks.

I also want mention Chicago's own professional softball team, the Chicago Bandits.  Their season opener is on May 29th.  Ticket prices are very reasonable and it's a great game to watch.  Chicago won the 2015 championships.  Stay tuned to this page, and to your coaches for a possible announcement for a league event there in July.  Hoping to get all details worked out soon.

PBA Secretary/ Jr Girls VP

Updates Updated 5/12/2016
Hello coaches and parents,
Way to much water to start things off.  Hoping to see both warmer and drier weather here soon.

On the left side menu bar we've added a link to the Arlington heights field status page.  It's for reference only, you should always make sure you've heard from your coach, or if you are the coach, then the coach from the town your playing against for any questionable weather situations.

Also, the master record for all teams is being kept by Arlington heights.
Go to the below link, and then from the select division drop down choose girls varsity.
Note that these results may lag several days behind in posting game scores.  


Opening day fun Updated 4/25/2016
Weather was great for opening day 2016 !  Palatine verses Palatine.  Two great softball games.

More pictures in the photo gallery to the right.
photo's courtesy of B.Langer

Opening Day 4/23 & pictures Updated 4/20/2016
Hello all,
The schedule changes have settled down.  Games are online, and coaches will be announcing their future practice schedules on a team by team basis.
Picture day information.  Note the league will have two picture days this year. 
Community Center - 250 Wood St, Palatine IL.  Pictures will be outdoors by Community 2, weather permitting.  If rain, indoors at community gym shelf.
Saturday April 30th
11:30AM - Team 4 - Auburn Tigers - Troy Horbach
11:40AM - Team 2 - Miami Hurricanes - Matt Taylor
Saturday June 11
TBD - Team 3 - Wisconsin Badgers - Bryon Morse
TBD - Team 1 - Michigan Wolverines - David McNaney

2016 Season schedules now online ! Updated 4/14/2016
Hello everyone !

The 2016 game schedules are now available.  Note while this schedule has been reviewed, it is not finalized.  We may have to switch or move games due to conflicts brought to our attention.  Please allow a few days before putting games into your family calendars.
Picture day is April 30th.  Your coach will advise times for your team.

Ratings day 4/2 Updated 3/31/2016
Due to the weather forecast for Saturday mornining, ratings day will be conducted indoors at Community Center gym!  Wear gym shoes, cleats will not be allowed on the gym floor.
250 Wood St, Palatine, IL
4/2 , registration 9:15am
Ratings process starts promptly at 9:30am
Ratings day should be complete by 11am.
All players need to attend.  Please contact Eric Langer, langer738@live.com if your daughter cannot be present.  All players need to bring their softball glove.  If they own other equipment, they should also bring it.   If not equipment will be on hand for them to use.
Teams will be picked Saturday.  All players should hear from their coaches by Monday 4/4 evening.  If you do not hear from your coach, please contact Eric Langer using the email address listed above.  Practices begin 4/5.
Thank you !
Your PBA Jr girls league officials,
Dennis White and Eric Langer