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Code of Conduct Updated 2/17/2011


Code of Conduct

Palatine Baseball Association (PBA), like that of other affiliates to the Palatine Park District, and several other leagues of Palatine, have adopted a Code of Conduct which parents, players, and coaches with managers must conform with for proper sportsmanship to occur within the PBA League.

This Code of Conduct  must be honored and adhered to by every player, parent coach and manager participating in any PBA program.

No exceptions or concessions to this Code of Conduct  will be permitted.


Palatine Baseball Association (PBA), an affiliate of the Palatine Park District, has adopted a Code of Conduct .  Parents, Players, Spectators, Coaches, and Managers are expected to abide by these guidelines and the rules set forth by the league to ensure proper sportsmanship within the PBA Program.

PBA mandates that every Parent, Player, Spectator, Coach, and Manager, participating in any PBA governed league follow the guidelines below.

I.                  Purpose

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure the goal of the PBA By-laws Article II, Section 1:

To provide baseball and softball programs and promote good citizenship and sportsmanship for players, male and female, from ages 13-29 and to plan, promote and carry on sports, charitable, educational and cultural activities which will best serve the welfare of the residents of the village of Palatine and the surrounding communities.

All players, managers, coaches, and spectators shall be held responsible and held accountable for their actions.

No exception or concessions to this Code of Conduct will be permitted.

II.    Appointments

Managers and coaches are selected by the League Commissioners with the approval of the Palatine Baseball Association Board of Directors (the Board).  Such Selection is conditioned upon the Manager adhering to all rules and policies of PBA.  Managers are responsible for the conduct of parents, players, spectators, and coaches, of his/her team.  A manager or coach's selection may be suspended or revoked by the Board for violation of rules or policies.

III. Conduct

PBA rules and policies apply to all parents, players, spectators, coaches, and managers as outlined in the annual PBA Rule Book.  A manager is accountable and responsible for the behavior of his team and its spectators.  Examples of prohibited conduct are listed below.  These examples are not intended to be all-inclusive.

A.                 Profanity

B.                 Violence-fighting

C.                 Any display of bad sportsmanship

D.                 Use of tobacco or alcohol

E.                  Throwing equipment of any kind

F.                  Throwing at a batter, or for any action intending to harm

IV.  Waiver     

No section, in whole or in part, of these rules may be waived for a Board Member unless a quorum for the entire Board approves the waiver by a simple majority.

V.     Infractions

Any infraction or alleged infractions of the Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the VP of the League, or the President of the Board.  Regardless of the disposition of the infraction, whether or not it occurred at a game, the President of the Board shall be notified immediately by the League Official receiving the report.

Any player, coach, or manager, participating in any PBA league or function, who is ejected from a game shall receive an automatic one (1) game suspension and can be subject to other disciplinary action by the Executive Board, depending on the severity of the infraction.  If the problem continues, the player, coach, or manager may be suspended for the remainder of the season.

VI.  Compliance

All parents, players, spectators, coaches, and managers are expected to comply with the outcome of any disciplinary action rendered by the Board.  A team whose parents, players, spectators, coaches, or managers ignores a suspension penalty imposed by the Board will forfeit each game the offender ignores the suspension.