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  Jr High Gallery Admin

More Pictures! Updated 6/28/2017
From the championship game!

From the all-star game!

Pictures from early season Updated 5/20/2017
Hello Parents,  I've got a few pictures to share.  They are a bit lopsided with Michigan shots.  Unfortunately yours truely had the camera on the wrong settings.  Two games worth of over-exposed pictures from non-MI teams did not turn out.

A few pitching shots

Hitting time !

2017 Practice with Alex Updated 4/30/2017
New for 2017, we booked Falcon's indoor turf field to host a league practice with former Chicago Bandit's player Alex Booker @aBooker15.  Here are some highlights:

The day included lots of work with our bats!

With some time at the end for a post practice photo!

2016 season pictures below Updated 4/30/2017
To submit a photo, email to pbabaseballsoftball@gmail.com.
2016 season pictures below

Playoffs are coming! Updated 6/18/2016
Time to get our best game on !

Jr High Girls softball pictures Updated 5/29/2016
Welcome to the Jr high pictures page.  If you catch a great shot of our ladies in action, showing good sportmanship, or some thing you'd like to share, pass it along to pbabaseballsoftball@gmail.com.
The pregame meeting...
The postgame thank you...

Great Pitch ! Updated 5/29/2016
I've been to many games, and I've looked through hundreds of pictures of pitchers in this years league.  We are having a great year for pitching.  We have a very talented group of ladies who pitch for our league.  Pitching is one of those skills that gets better with practice and guidance.  As such, I want to share two items which based off my observations, could help some of our pitchers.
Pitch stride - A pitcher should use the mound to push off towards the batter.  Their stride should be the maximum distance they are comfortable stepping.  That said it shouldn't be a step like a walk, it should be a greater distance.  The general rule is a good stride should be equal to the players height.  The below picture shows a good pitch stride.

Follow through - It's a small detail, but it can make a major difference.  A good follow through provides a couple mph to your pitch.  More importantly though, a good follow through guides the ball to the catchers glove.  It keeps your pitch from straying to the side.  Your arm should bend at the elbow after the release, leaving your fingers finish up around your shoulder, and your elbow pointing at the catcher.  Or alternatively your arm could follow through upwards like below.

The great news is that almost all of the pitchers in our league are 7th graders.  I hope to see everyone back next season!

Great throw ! Updated 4/30/2017
I love this shot.  This picture could be next to the textbook definition for making a good throw.
  • The player has her arm back in a perect 90 degree bend.
  • Her weight is on her back foot.
  • Eyes and mitt pointed where she intends to throw.